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Weekly insight

CashController shows the very liquidity fluctuations, which are not visible in the ‘old-school month models’. That makes this tool very suitable for those SME entrepreneurs, who want to know exactly where they stand.

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Precise calculation

Our calculations of your future cashflow are so exactly that you will not have to expect any more surprises to come. This is because we calculate based on actual payment behaviour of your customers and on invoice level.

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Time-saving simulation tools

In addition to an overview of your current position you also have the option to add extensive simulations so you can see the cashflow effect.

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Available anytime, anywhere

CashController is always and anywhere available worldwide, wherever you are. In addition, it is also connected to your administration.

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Quickly anticipating at current data without time loss. Instead of ‘mess around in Excel’ choose for ‘ plug-and-play ‘ with CashController.

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From ‘Error sensitive’ to ‘Robust data’

From time-consuming checks to clear analysis. Less time spended because of a direct connection to your administration.

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Optimal Control

Applicable and interchangeable across the organization versus the Excel tool from a specialist.

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Direct insight into financial need

A reliable tool for fast decision making for your financing. Only effective conversations based on correct information.

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Get started immediately

No extensive implementation but immediately connect to your administration. Then a short online-instruction so you can get started right away.

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Liquidity budget

Understanding your liquidity in 2 steps. Very important to see how much money you need to manage your growth ……


No time-consuming checks, but clear analyses from a direct connection to your administration. This way, you have the assurance that the results are correct and you can adjust even better ……


Instant insight into your management information thanks to a clear dashboard with handy drill-downs up to invoice level. This way, you keep an eye on the broad lines, as well as the details, so that you know that it’s correct……


As a growing SME entrepreneur, you want to keep an overview of things. Certainly so if your business involves multiple companies…

Connection with administrations