Weekly insight

CashController shows the very liquidity fluctuations, which are not visible in the ‘old-school month models’. That makes this tool very suitable for those SME entrepreneurs, who want to know exactly where they stand.

In the practice of SMEs it may occur that a company in a highly dynamic phase ends up for huge fluctuations in cashflow, caused by seasonability, growing investments, and growth and further expansion plans.

The discussions that follow in which the financial needs are being calculated often leave a too limited picture of reality. In a monthly model clearly not all fluctuations will be shown but somehow leveled.

It may occur in this situation that the money that’s needed in practice seems to be much more than what’s originally calculated. As a result a temporary increasement of the loans supplied are very difficult to discuss.

With CashController, you can look years ahead and it will present you all fluctuations, which are of great importance to the growth of the company in the right direction. CashController provides direct a perfect calculation of the exact money shortages and saves you a lot of time.


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