Time saving

Clear analyses from a direct and seamless connection to your administration. Making time-consuming checks a thing of the past! You have the assurance that the results are correct, allowing you to make even better adjustments. Based on both the most up-to-date data and future projections.

More analysing, less checking.

You don’t have to check the results. Instead, you can spend your time analysing the principles. You are in control and can see the financial effects of your changes. This way, you will have an increasingly better understanding of your cashflow forecasts for the coming weeks.

Playing with numbers for more profit

Furthermore, you have access to extensive simulation tools that CashController has to offer. This allows you to use your cash flows as effectively as possible in order to generate maximum profit from your business operations.

Clear dashboards

The dashboard gives you a clear picture of the feasibility of your business operations at a glance. The drill-down reports confirm that the principles are correct (up to invoice level).

Extensive analyses with Reporting Suite

Reporting Suite allows you to create your own reports and analyses, both consolidated and individually. You have complete freedom to determine which rows and columns you want to present and in what order.

You can use hard data or opt to use calculations or compile key figures that are important for your business operations.

This means that, in addition to the standard reports, you now also have access to an environment in which you can determine how your reports are structured.
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