Do you want to improve your cashflow for your business?

CashController gives you direct insight into your cashflow


Primary control of liquidity

The primary purpose of CashController is to put SMEs in control of their liquidity. This has proved successful thanks to the use of clear dashboard and drill-down reports, a direct connection to the administration and the many simulation possibilities.

Fast financial insight for more effective business practice

We have noticed that SME entrepreneurs need a more extensive financial overview, in which the monthly financial reports on P&L figures, balance sheet figures and forecast figures are reported. Preferably in a way that is comprehensible and not always in accordance with the regular presentation of financial statements. You can find more information about these more extensive applications here.

Liquidity budget

Understanding your liquidity in 2 steps. Very important to see how much money you need to manage your growth ……


No time-consuming checks, but clear analyses from a direct connection to your administration. This way, you have the assurance that the results are correct and you can adjust even better ……


Instant insight into your management information thanks to a clear dashboard with handy drill-downs up to invoice level. This way, you keep an eye on the broad lines, as well as the details, so that you know that it’s correct……


As a growing SME entrepreneur, you want to keep an overview of things. Certainly so if your business involves multiple companies…