In CashController it is possible to get an overview of multiple companies that belong to the same group. If you only work with the Cashflow Dashboard, you simply add multiple companies, which automatically adds up the results per company to a consolidated level.

Below you see the Cashflow Dashboard for a first company in a consolidation environment.

Dashboard Liquiditeit eerste bedrijf

And so you can assess the cashflow planning for each company that belongs to the consolidation, as below for the second company:

Dashboard Liquiditeit tweede bedrijf

And then the same view is also visible to the entire organization:

Dashboard Liquiditeit Consolidatie

In addition to this dashboard, you also have the option to assess the cashflow planning in figures:

Details liquiditeitsplanning per week geconsolideerd

And of course you also have the option to assess this per company as part of the consolidation, as shown below:

Details liquiditeitsplanning per bedrijf

It is also possible to work in a consolidated manner in the Dashboard Management Report. You have the option to ‘map’ all general ledger accounts of all individual companies in a consolidation model and thereby gain an overview of the financial affairs of the entire group (see below):

Dashboard Management Rapportages resultatenrekening consolidatie

As you can see, you have the option to view the entire group, but you can also view each individual company.

The process of ‘mapping’ the charts of accounts in the consolidation model is of course very important and is very easy to do in CashController using the ‘Configuration Reporting’ and ‘Configuration Consolidation’ components.

Configuratie Rapportage

This tile automatically indicates when new accounts arise that need to be included in the model, so you don’t have to search for them. The same also happens in the ‘Configuration Consolidation’ section so that you can see at a glance where you need to make changes to make adjustments quickly and easily.