Old Way v.s. New Way

Weekly insight

With Cash Controller, you can advise enterprise focused and the weekly cashflow forecasting provides that you can help SME entrepreneurs, who want to know exactly where they stand.

Precise calculation

Where the regular monthly calculation models are based on g/l accounts and general liquidity settings, CashController counts with much more precision, to avoid surprises.

Time-saving simulation tools

Your advice on cashflow forecasting gets better by extensive simulations to apply and to judge the effects.

Clear Dashboard

Understanding your future financial leeway at a glance. Very important to see how much money you need to manage your growth and using your cash flow for this.
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Drill-down up to invoice level

No time-consuming checks, but clear analyses with a single click on the graph for readable reports. This way, you have the assurance that the results are correct and you can adjust even better, based on the most current data.

Extensive simulations

What is the effect on your liquidity if your customers were to pay you 5 days earlier or what happens if that major order is confirmed and you need to start purchasing for this? Smart simulations give you the opportunity to anticipate the future and therefore make timely adjustments, where necessary.
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Cashflow forecast

Making a cashflow forecast is usually a complex task and often left to financial professionals. CashController aims to make the translation to liquidity comprehensible for SMEs …….


Within accountancy for SMEs, people have been working to make the change from entering the administration to figures-based advice for years. Not entering, but analysing the figures is gradually becoming the core business of the accountant. Planning ahead and longer, with the emphasis on maximum effectiveness. CashController helps you to make this change …..

Credit Management

Within credit management, the customer approach is increasingly preventive. Instead of embarking on as many collection processes as possible, the modern credit manager is now focused on preventing such a file. CashController helps you to achieve this…..

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