Accountancy on the move

Current situation

Within the accountancy for SME’S, for many years the industry has been working hard to make a turnaround. Instead of reporting, advising becomes more important. Instead of entering data into an administration, analyzing the results. This is becoming the ‘core business’ of the auditor. Budgeting and cashflow planning become ‘business as usual’. And it is important to do this as effectively as possible.

Turn around by automation

Cash Controller helps with this turn-around ….. By bringing cashflow into view and automating cash flow reporting. To create more insight In less time. Allowing you as an accountant more time to advise your customers.

Direct connection to administration

With a seamless connection to the administration, you have more time to analyse the starting points. And that is much more important than the control of the results. And that leads to more declareable time by better advice.

Playing with numbers

Comprehensive simulations provide more insight into your cashflow forecasting. By making the step from monthly to a weekly basis, you will see all fluctuations. You can apply improvement, where necessary. And the entrepreneur gets a better idea of his future cashflow. Would you like to know how you can use Cash Controller effectively in your advice?

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