Cashflow forecasting for financial advisors

Understanding about Liquidity

Making a cashflow forecast is usually a complex task and often left to financial professionals. CashController aims to make the translation to liquidity comprehensible for SMEs …….

Cashflow forecasting for SME’s

The so called ‘Old-school-cashflow models’ are calculated using ledger-accounts on a monthly basis. CashController calculations are based on the actual payment behaviour of customers and to suppliers. These calculations are used on a weekly basis. That’s why the results of the cashflow forecast are very close to the daily operations of the entrepreneur.

Direct integration with your administration

CashController integrates seamlessly with your administration. That’s why it is possible to use several simulations to show the entrepreneur what effect payment behaviour of it’s customers has on the cashflow.

Dinstinctive in cashflow planning

CashController is distinctive of ‘old-school’ monthly cashflow-modelling. These calculation models give a coarser representation of the future in the longer term. On this basis, a financier sees how cashflow will develop and can estimate his risk. However, it is not possible to see what can happen within a month.

The SME entrepreneur wants to see at whom, when and how much can be paid in the coming weeks. Cash Controller perfectly shows these details and avoids surprises, which can sometimes be unpleasant for communicating with a bank.

Perfect tool for advising

Therefore Cash Controller is a perfect tool for the financial advisor to accurately portray the cashflow of it’s customers.

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