For many companies, the standard reports in our Management Reports Dashboard are sufficient, but there are situations where there is a greater need for customized reports. This can happen, for example, if the company is part of a group in which a specific reporting format is used. Or if key figures need to be added to the report to provide specific information. Or if the company does not want to work according to the standards of the accountant or annual accounts, because certain production results must be made visible.

The Reporting Suite is available to also create specific reports. This is your own creation environment with which you can create your own reports. With this extra module you have complete freedom to create your reports. Sometimes for ad hoc analyses, but also for periodic reports that you can adjust yourself based on new insights or developments.

Rapportage Suite

With this module you enter an environment in which you can determine which reports you create and you can also determine whether they are also visible in the Dashboard Management Reports section.

Overzicht flexrapportages

By selecting the relevant report you enter an environment in which you can set the information you want to report, both on the lines and in the columns.

Instellingen regels rapportage suite

The screenshot above shows the choices you have at your disposal to compile your report yourself.

For example, you can indicate which information you want on which line. You can choose from the available categories, general ledger accounts or variables. You can also add formulas in which you indicate that certain lines should be added together. Or if you divide these together, you can automatically calculate ratios. You can also format these rules and thus determine how they are presented.

You can also set the columns as you wish.

Instellingen kolommen rapportage suite

Here you can also see that you can set which figures you want to present, using all the figures available in CashController.

For example, for each column you can determine from which period you want to present figures. You also choose the figure type (budget, actual, forecast or last year figures), net or cumulative, monthly, quarterly or annual figures, of which entity(ies).

While creating this report, it is also very useful to be able to look at the results in the meantime, so that you can see that you are on the right track.

Rapportage bekijken

For example, with the following result:

Voorbeeld rapportage

Each report has a cover page on which the sections are presented and a 2nd page on which details are available down to general ledger account level. These reports can be converted to Excel or PDF.

In short: with the Reporting Suite you can create your reports the way you want!