Extension of Management Reports

Monthly financial reports

New at CashController is the ability to automate your monthly financial information provision. You will have automatic reports that give you a clear picture of the financial situation. Both per company and consolidated.

Playing with figures

In the structure of CashController you have a multitude of data, which will be presented in clear reports. You can choose between different digit types such as actuals, budget figures, forecast and previous year figures. The correct figures are automatically compared and shown in readable reports.

Dashboard with downdrill-reports

From the dashboard, CashController shows four quadrants, in which the financial development of the most important parts of the business operations are presented. This includes sales, gross profit, costs and net profits.
From these quadrants you can drill down to readable reports, where you can see all specifications. This allows you to see at a glance how your company is performing, and you can also see all details.

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