Extension Reporting Suite

Compose your own report

For those companies that want to use their own reports, which are precisely tailored to the business and therefore contain slightly different information than the standard reports, we have developed the reporting Suite. This environment provides the user with extensive possibilities to decide for themselves what information is presented, in what order and with what figures.

Flexible application

For example, this reporting Suite provides the ability to determine which lines are placed in which order and which columns contain which figures. This gives the advantage that you are completely free in determining your choices.


Since CashController is applicable for consolidations and single companies, you can also determine how you are presenting the figures of your operating companies. Next to each other, group or in total, you decide. And after a few months you will find that you want to modify the reports, you do it yourself.


Instead of presenting many digits, it can be well-organized to work with key figures or ratios. In the reporting Suite you decide which key figures you want to present. This can be both per company and consolidated, so you can also compare these key figures within a group.

Grip on your figures

We assume that the SME entrepreneur knows what figures should be presented in the periodic reports. In addition, there may also be a progression of insight, which makes it easy to adapt to changing information needs. With the reporting Suite you can do that yourself and you do not need an external consultant.

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