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New Budget and Reports module

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Controlling the numbers

In addition to taking control of your liquidity, CashController now also puts you in control of your financial household as a whole. The new Budget and Reports module allows you to drill down to the bone while enjoying a clear dashboard. Working from 4 quadrants, you receive all the information you need to asses the different dimensions of your financial management.


Management reports

Playing with numbers

A proper structure allows you to be flexible. That may sound somewhat contradictory, but it’s true. Because this module automatically includes budget figures, actual figures, last year’s figures and forecast figures, you’re provided with an insight into reports in which all these figures are properly compared. This gives you immediate access to those figures, allowing you to assess your business operations.

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Simple configuration

Get started right away

The use of this extra module is easy. There is little knowledge needed to determine how to set up your chart of accounts for readable reporting. Once done, you have clear reports, which you can drill down to the ledger account level.



Overview is important, especially for companies that are made up of multiple entities with different account schedules. CashController is designed to be easy to handle. In this way, you not only have singular but also consolidated statements.

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Reporting Suite

In addition, you can get access to the reporting suite. With this you have all the freedom to compose your own report. The advantage of this is that you can connect 100% to your current reporting method, but in a way that takes you significantly less time.

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Your advantage

With the budget and reporting module, you have an automatic report generator that gives you a lot of convenience for an affordable amount of €15,-per month. If you would like to know more about this, please fill in the form below and we will respond immediately.


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