New Budget and Reports module

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Controlling the numbers In addition to taking control of your liquidity, CashController now also puts you in control of your financial household as a whole. The new Budget and Reports module allows you to drill down to the bone while enjoying a clear dashboard. Working from 4 quadrants, you receive all the information you need…

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Link-up with SnelStart

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Software for entrepreneurs The combination of CashController and SnelStart ensures that, in addition to keeping the accounts, cashflow forecasting for entrepreneurs becomes a lot easier as well. CashController is therefore a strong financial supplement to the user-friendly accounting system for SME entrepreneurs. This mix provides for the best possible combination of user-friendliness and a low…

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Spotcap financing partner of CashController

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Your liquidity could not be more transparent with CashController. Our calculations provide a highly accurate approach to your future liquidity. And that is particularly important for companies with a rather volatile liquidity development. Furthermore, thanks to the collaboration with Spotcap, it is possible to use the results thereof for an ultra fast financing application in…

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Collaboration with MKB Doorgaan

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MKB Doorgaan is a national, independent, not-for-profit foundation aimed at the early identification of (financial) issues and offers assistance to SMEs and self-employed workers who, in principle, run a viable business but who need help in order to keep the business healthy. Acting as a linking pin, MKB Doorgaan offers not only a fast, but…

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CashController in the App Store of Exact Online

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The fact that CashController is an excellent addition to the administration of Exact Online, was again confirmed earlier this month. CashController can now be found in the App Store of Exact Online for those companies that walk a tightrope in terms of their liquidity planning. With the added advantage that both web applications can be…

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Unique collaboration software and services Credit Management

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The fact that liquidity is an important topic for the financial management of a company hardly requires further explanation. Certainly in specific situations such as enormous growth, seasonal sensitivity, dependence on one or a few large customers (slow payers) or regular discussions with the bank, liquidity can become a very sensitive issue for some SMEs.…

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Festive opening CashController

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On 28 June, FinForce, a company in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, celebrated the move to its new offices at Spinhuiswal 2 with a pleasant drink. The celebrations coincided with the introduction of a new product, CashController. For more information, please read the news article in Ondernemerslift+.

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