How many administrations do you have?





24,50 /MONTH
Connection administration
Look 13 weeks ahead
Basic simulation
Implementation costs: €75,-
215,- /MONTH
From 3 administrations.
Everything from MKB+...
Connection multiple administrations
Look 5 years ahead
Multiple users
Foreign currency
Authorisation settings
Implementation costs: On request



Reporting Suite

Easily compile your own report in minutes.
Price: €10,- per month per administration (already included with Corporate plan).
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Sales and purchase orders

Import your order data from your administration into CashController.
Price: €10,- per month per administration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an administration?

Our pricing is based on the number of administrations you work with. An administration is your accounting per company. If it is the case that your accounting is divided into several years (as with AccountView), we see this as one administration.

Is it possible to use the software for free for a month?

For a good introduction to our software, it is necessary to connect it to your administration and also to give instructions, so that CashController can be optimally tailored to your business operations. Because this takes time, it is not possible to do this completely free of charge. In order to keep the introduction as accessible as possible, we will only charge you the implementation costs and 1 month of use. You are also free to choose to conclude a monthly, quarterly or annual contract with us.

Are there any restrictions on a trial period?

We will introduce you to our software as extensively as possible.

Are there implementation costs?

We keep our implementation costs as low as possible, but because a connection must be made with your administration and instructions must be given, we will charge you a one-off amount between €49 and €75 per administration.

Can multiple users work with the software?

CashController is a web-based application that allows you to work in “the cloud”. It is of course possible to work with multiple users, whereby we can also coordinate with you which users have access to which application and whether they may only look or write. Such user behavior determines the pricing per additional user.

Do you have specific needs?

Do you want a specific plan that is completely tailored to your company? Send us a message via the Contact page.