Start with CashController

CashController gives you a grip on your cashflow!

CashController is a unique tool for SME’S and gives the entrepreneur a grip on his cashflow. This tool is accessible in price and use and can be used directly by a direct link on the administration. Dashboards and drill-down reports give you a clear overview at a glance.

Extra Interesting for:

CashController is interesting for those companies where cashflow is an ‘issue’ and where it is extra important to monitor the cashflow for the short term. This can arise, for example, from growth, seasonal activities or by regular discussions with the bank.

Starting possibilities

To be able to start with CashController, you just have to pass on to us which accounting system you are working on. We will join you so you can get started right away. CashController does not require far-reaching financial knowledge or long-term implementation and instruction sessions.