Unique collaboration software and services Credit Management

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The fact that liquidity is an important topic for the financial management of a company hardly requires further explanation. Certainly in specific situations such as enormous growth, seasonal sensitivity, dependence on one or a few large customers (slow payers) or regular discussions with the bank, liquidity can become a very sensitive issue for some SMEs.

Nevertheless, the liquidity awareness of many entrepreneurs is low, unless experience has taught them the severe consequences a lack of liquidity can have. And if such a situation threatens to arise, the SME entrepreneur is confronted with sky-rocketing bills to resolve this. Such a situation can be prevented.


The unique collaboration between CashController and SME Credit Management (started in September) ensures that you’re given insight into a concrete and precise calculation of your liquidity development for the coming weeks, as well as what measures to take to ensure that it is actually improved.

The combination involves the deployment of specific software (developed by cash flow planning specialists) and the specialised services of a credit management agency. This ensures that the results of the ‘calculation’ are actually converted into targeted actions to significantly improve the cash flow in your organisation.

Not just once, but as a continuous process, so that you learn to use your cash flows with maximum effect to achieve even more profit.